Farewell to my Fairy God Mother...

Terra and Kiki copy.jpg

I finally arrived at Terra’s beautiful home in Sedona AZ after a long journey from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, a stop over in Phili, a night at Terra’s sister’s home and then a 2 hour drive to Sedona the following day. I decided not to take my 17 months old daughter on the trip because I knew she’d be a distraction from what was going to be my last time with my very good friend and mentor.  I didn’t pack a book on the trip thinking that there would plenty of movies to watch on the plane. To my surprise, there was not a TV screen anywhere to be seen. This made it very possible to spend every moment of the flight thinking about Terra and why I was making the trip. 

Terra, after all was not only my good friend but also my mentor and teacher in many ways. 

When I knocked on her door I heard her sweet voice say, “Come on in.” She was sitting in a recliner in the sun and although she had lost quite a bit of weight she was still very full of life. It was one of the most important days of my life. We didn’t get to spend much time together but every moment of those 2 hours was spent laughing and making memories that I will take with me to the end of my life. 

I am sad to say that Terra Sonora passed away peacefully on February 23rd. She fought every single day to live just a little bit longer because she was so dedicated to making the world a better place. 

I wanted to thank you all who came to the show in her honor and who donated to her cause. Although she was unable to cure her cancer, your donations went very far. Terra is originally from Poughkeepsie and lived here for most of her life. In the card I gave her with the donations from all of you, I wrote that this was given with all the love in Poughkeepsie. She held the card to her chest and cried tears of gratitude and joy. She said she was overwhelmed by all the love that had poured into her life since her illness. Her gratitude was very sincere and heartfelt and we cried together with smiles on our faces. 

I couldn’t have had these moments with Terra if it were not for all of you in support of it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude which really helps at a time where I am grieving her parting. Terra yet again, has taught me an incredible lesson about the power of love, friendships and joy.

Even in the last days of her life, where she was probably suffering in more ways than I’d like to imagine, there was not a moment of self-pity or sadness. She only spoke of the great things in her life at all times. She never spoke of death, pain, sorrow, frustrations or illness. She was grateful for every single day and found all the joy in living. Her will and her drive to survive inspires me every day. Thanks to her, our last moments together were bright, shiny and full of so much laughter and fun! That was all she wanted to leave me with so I will continue smiling about her life and try with all my heart not to cry about her death. What an extraordinary gift she has given me. My teacher, my friend and Fairy God Mother still teaches me from beyond this life.I love you, Terra.