Alex's Restaurant Does it Again!

This past show at Alex's Restaurant could not have been more wonderful! Not only was I accompanied by great musicians including, Danny Perkes on guitar, Eddie Gonazales on percussion, Taylor Lewis on violin and Dave on Bass, but I was smitten by the amount of guests and supporters!

We raised over $1200.00 for my dear friend, Terra Sonora to continue her battle with cancer. This will help her tremendously with the costs of alternative treatments and her monthly expenses as she is unable to work.

A wonderful photographer took some great pics of the event to share. Her name is Danielle and this is her website

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I am sure that Terra will be very touched, honored and moved by everyone's support. I am going to be visiting her in AZ this weekend to share the news and the proceeds with her.

Thank you all again so much for your constant support and love. My music would get awfully lonely without you all!