LAUNCH PARTY in POK June 21st! to Celebrate Me & A Steinway

3 years ago, my husband and I organized my performance at his family's restaurant in Poughkeepsie. We didn't know what the turn out would be but we were hopeful that people would enjoy the restaurant being opened in the evening for the first time since the 60's. To my surprise... the place was packed! In fact, there were no more seats available. When everyone was leaving they requested we do it again in a couple months. 3 years later... we are finally able to do it again. This time, it is a launch party of my 2nd album! I also have a special guest: Danny Perkes who is not only one of the Hudson Valley's most reputable OBGYNs but an incredible guitar player. He will be joining me on a few songs from my previous album, a couple unrecorded new songs and some covers. The restaurant will be offering a special menu of appetizers and dinner choices with a small selection of wine and other beverages. Pre-order ticket price is $10 and available for purchase June 5th at Alex's Restaurant or by emailing Ticket does not include food & drink.