Nothing Crummy about Krumville


I didn't know what to expect of my journey to Krumville to perform at The Country Inn. When I had mentioned my upcoming show to folks in Poughkeepsie, they all seemed to know about the restaurant but they really had no idea where it was located. This show marked the beginning of gigs booked to promote,  Me & A Steinway. It is also the start of a new kind of music career. One that includes my little sidekick, my beautiful daughter who is 8 months old and a handful. I had prepared and rehearsed for the show as much as I could considering I am a new mom, a spa owner and sole practitioner in my business, loving wife and fierce singer-songwriter.

In the past I would have been a wreck heading to a place I do not know, not having had sufficient rehearsal time or preparation. But this time it was different... I was heading to Krumvile not as a singer-songwriter but as a mom who sings and song-writes and this gave me a little bit of an edge or shall I say even, carefreeness. Previously, I would be all consumed with myself; my music, my look, my performance, my voice, my fans, my, my, my. Now, there is no me. And, in all honesty, it is absolutely freeing! So many mothers insinuate that having a child takes your individuality, takes your sense of self and for most, this is the biggest sacrifice of motherhood. For me, it is the biggest blessing. I don't have time to worry about me or where my music is going, or who is listening, liking or disliking it. Nothing matters more to me now, than my family of 3. And as I walked onto that stage, knowing all the while, there was spit-up on my blouse, I had no care in the world. Instead, I was filled with joy and freedom. Every step knowing that I was making my family proud and especially my daughter, Konstantina.  I didn't make one error during the show. I truly was calm as a cucumber. Not having the fear of being judged gave me the chance to connect more freely with the environment, the listeners and the music. It was one of my most favorite performances. I sold more albums that night than I have in years. I even felt relaxed enough to eat before my performance which I had never done before. The stage is newly built outside and overlooks the gorgeous greenery and lake. Guests are able to sit outside and enjoy the music and I believe they truly enjoyed mine. I can't wait to return. Thank you, Krumville and The Country Inn!