Show at The Falcon in Marlboro

I will be performing at The Falcon in Marlboro on April 27th at 7:00pm. I have been waiting years to perform at this venue. It is a great space for live music. The sound is great and the atmosphere is one of its kind in the area. It is an honor for me to play at such a renowned venue and with 3 other artist. Please click below for detail!

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Farewell to my Fairy God Mother...

Terra and Kiki copy.jpg

I finally arrived at Terra’s beautiful home in Sedona AZ after a long journey from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, a stop over in Phili, a night at Terra’s sister’s home and then a 2 hour drive to Sedona the following day. I decided not to take my 17 months old daughter on the trip because I knew she’d be a distraction from what was going to be my last time with my very good friend and mentor.  I didn’t pack a book on the trip thinking that there would plenty of movies to watch on the plane. To my surprise, there was not a TV screen anywhere to be seen. This made it very possible to spend every moment of the flight thinking about Terra and why I was making the trip. 

Terra, after all was not only my good friend but also my mentor and teacher in many ways. 

When I knocked on her door I heard her sweet voice say, “Come on in.” She was sitting in a recliner in the sun and although she had lost quite a bit of weight she was still very full of life. It was one of the most important days of my life. We didn’t get to spend much time together but every moment of those 2 hours was spent laughing and making memories that I will take with me to the end of my life. 

I am sad to say that Terra Sonora passed away peacefully on February 23rd. She fought every single day to live just a little bit longer because she was so dedicated to making the world a better place. 

I wanted to thank you all who came to the show in her honor and who donated to her cause. Although she was unable to cure her cancer, your donations went very far. Terra is originally from Poughkeepsie and lived here for most of her life. In the card I gave her with the donations from all of you, I wrote that this was given with all the love in Poughkeepsie. She held the card to her chest and cried tears of gratitude and joy. She said she was overwhelmed by all the love that had poured into her life since her illness. Her gratitude was very sincere and heartfelt and we cried together with smiles on our faces. 

I couldn’t have had these moments with Terra if it were not for all of you in support of it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude which really helps at a time where I am grieving her parting. Terra yet again, has taught me an incredible lesson about the power of love, friendships and joy.

Even in the last days of her life, where she was probably suffering in more ways than I’d like to imagine, there was not a moment of self-pity or sadness. She only spoke of the great things in her life at all times. She never spoke of death, pain, sorrow, frustrations or illness. She was grateful for every single day and found all the joy in living. Her will and her drive to survive inspires me every day. Thanks to her, our last moments together were bright, shiny and full of so much laughter and fun! That was all she wanted to leave me with so I will continue smiling about her life and try with all my heart not to cry about her death. What an extraordinary gift she has given me. My teacher, my friend and Fairy God Mother still teaches me from beyond this life.I love you, Terra.

Alex's Restaurant Does it Again!

This past show at Alex's Restaurant could not have been more wonderful! Not only was I accompanied by great musicians including, Danny Perkes on guitar, Eddie Gonazales on percussion, Taylor Lewis on violin and Dave on Bass, but I was smitten by the amount of guests and supporters!

We raised over $1200.00 for my dear friend, Terra Sonora to continue her battle with cancer. This will help her tremendously with the costs of alternative treatments and her monthly expenses as she is unable to work.

A wonderful photographer took some great pics of the event to share. Her name is Danielle and this is her website

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I am sure that Terra will be very touched, honored and moved by everyone's support. I am going to be visiting her in AZ this weekend to share the news and the proceeds with her.

Thank you all again so much for your constant support and love. My music would get awfully lonely without you all!

Help Save My Fairy God Mother

Back in 2001, I went to a psychic fair in Poughkeepsie for a reading. I was going through a tough period in my life and needed guidance from someone that was a bit closer to the spiritual realm than I was at the time. From the moment I entered, I was drawn to the woman who had set up her station all the way in the back. There was a gentleness and sweetness about her that was magnetic. Her open blue eyes seemed to sparkle and her smile was absolutely genuine. I walked up to the sign-up sheet and said to the host of the fair, "I want...HER!" pointing to the sweet woman all the way in the back. The host took a step back and said, "no problem and she happens to be free right now". 

I remember the reading with her was incredibly accurate and really blew me away. At many points I was in tears because I was shocked she had known so much about me and had never met me before. But most of all, I remember being so drawn to her kindness and I didn't want to leave her side. When the reading was over, I took a seat outside processing all of the things she had shared with me. I felt someone sit next to me and it was her. she said, "I can't help but feel like you -and I are connected and I know it sounds crazy but I am in need of a personal assistant. Would you be interested?" My eyes lit up with excitement! Not only was I in need of a job but I wanted to be near this woman! 

Terra Sonora is her name and I worked with her for years. She was the best boss I ever had and so much more. She taught me how to be a business woman and to work with people. She opened up my eyes and my mind to so many spiritual things. She taught me about the healing power of stones, reiki and the lessons from different spiritual teachers. when I was sick with migraines, she bought my seat in a workshop that changed my life. When I had the itch to travel, she took me with her to healing retreats and conventions. not to mention, Disney!! She did all this and never asked for a dime. She invited me as her assistant but never treated me like an employee but like her child. Years later, her and I have such a strong bond. She has traveled hundreds of miles to witness my wedding and come to my baby shower. I have never given her much in return. Now, it is my turn to give back... I need help to give as much as I would like and this is why I am writing to all of you. 

My Fairy God Mother, Terra has cancer and she is fighting for her life. She is treating this with alternative therapies that are costly and not covered by health care. 

So my request and plea to all of you  who were ever going to gift me with anything for Christmas or future birthday to please donate to her healing fund in my name instead. It would mean more to me than anything else. She deserves every penny! She is a giver and has been giving love to so many her whole life. I don't usually reach out to the masses like this for anything. This is the exception... Please help...

John St. Jam: I will miss you!

Billy Rogan, one of the performers from the show. An amazing guitar player & composer

Billy Rogan, one of the performers from the show. An amazing guitar player & composer

This past Saturday I performed at my last John St. Jam. Terri and Steve, the hosts of the monthly concert,  announced that they are calling it quits after 11 great years of music sharing. It was an emotional night for everyone. I shared the stage with 3 other performers that were all different and special in their own way. The John St. Jam has made it possible for musicians like myself to be heard and appreciated. It is a safe circle to truly pour your heart out to your audience and no matter what you say, do or sound like, they are all happy and grateful to be there. In every show there are 4 performers who sit in a circle in the center of the room and play 3 rounds of one song each. All of us take turns performing and sharing a bit about each piece. The room is quiet and people are truly taking it all in. By "all" I mean the story, the artist, the lyrics, the music and the emotion inside every performer. It's all given freely and honestly at the John St. Jam because the artist is safe. The performances are so unique and priceless because of this.  When an artist feels safe and accepted by its audience, it is like pouring water over a thirsty flower. The petals instantly shine and the stem stands up taller making the flower look so much more beautiful and alive. the John St. Jam has been nourishment to my music and I will truly miss these concerts.  I am so honored that I was able to perform on more than one occasion and also able to share the stage with such incredible artists. There are 7  more John St. Jams left. I highly recommend that everyone go at least once before the fun ends. 

Thank you, Terri and Steve for your hard work, dedication, good will and kindness.


Thanks for a great night!

This photo was taken by friend/fan Amy Zeno

This photo was taken by friend/fan Amy Zeno

The show at Alex's Restaurant in Poughkeepsie on Saturday was a huge success! The restaurant looked beautiful; it was lit with candles, adorned with garden flowers and served a special dinner menu that was delicious! The guests were great listeners and amazing fans. I was so honored to meet a family that left the Clearwater Music Festival just to hear me perform live! I can't tell you how special I felt all night. 

I want to thank Danny Perkes for playing guitar and Eddie Gonzalez for doing an incredible job on percussion. I learned that having a band behind me is so important and so much fun! 

Thank you to everyone that came out and to Alex's Restaurant!

Love Music...

LAUNCH PARTY in POK June 21st! to Celebrate Me & A Steinway

3 years ago, my husband and I organized my performance at his family's restaurant in Poughkeepsie. We didn't know what the turn out would be but we were hopeful that people would enjoy the restaurant being opened in the evening for the first time since the 60's. To my surprise... the place was packed! In fact, there were no more seats available. When everyone was leaving they requested we do it again in a couple months. 3 years later... we are finally able to do it again. This time, it is a launch party of my 2nd album! I also have a special guest: Danny Perkes who is not only one of the Hudson Valley's most reputable OBGYNs but an incredible guitar player. He will be joining me on a few songs from my previous album, a couple unrecorded new songs and some covers. The restaurant will be offering a special menu of appetizers and dinner choices with a small selection of wine and other beverages. Pre-order ticket price is $10 and available for purchase June 5th at Alex's Restaurant or by emailing Ticket does not include food & drink. 

Nothing Crummy about Krumville


I didn't know what to expect of my journey to Krumville to perform at The Country Inn. When I had mentioned my upcoming show to folks in Poughkeepsie, they all seemed to know about the restaurant but they really had no idea where it was located. This show marked the beginning of gigs booked to promote,  Me & A Steinway. It is also the start of a new kind of music career. One that includes my little sidekick, my beautiful daughter who is 8 months old and a handful. I had prepared and rehearsed for the show as much as I could considering I am a new mom, a spa owner and sole practitioner in my business, loving wife and fierce singer-songwriter.

In the past I would have been a wreck heading to a place I do not know, not having had sufficient rehearsal time or preparation. But this time it was different... I was heading to Krumvile not as a singer-songwriter but as a mom who sings and song-writes and this gave me a little bit of an edge or shall I say even, carefreeness. Previously, I would be all consumed with myself; my music, my look, my performance, my voice, my fans, my, my, my. Now, there is no me. And, in all honesty, it is absolutely freeing! So many mothers insinuate that having a child takes your individuality, takes your sense of self and for most, this is the biggest sacrifice of motherhood. For me, it is the biggest blessing. I don't have time to worry about me or where my music is going, or who is listening, liking or disliking it. Nothing matters more to me now, than my family of 3. And as I walked onto that stage, knowing all the while, there was spit-up on my blouse, I had no care in the world. Instead, I was filled with joy and freedom. Every step knowing that I was making my family proud and especially my daughter, Konstantina.  I didn't make one error during the show. I truly was calm as a cucumber. Not having the fear of being judged gave me the chance to connect more freely with the environment, the listeners and the music. It was one of my most favorite performances. I sold more albums that night than I have in years. I even felt relaxed enough to eat before my performance which I had never done before. The stage is newly built outside and overlooks the gorgeous greenery and lake. Guests are able to sit outside and enjoy the music and I believe they truly enjoyed mine. I can't wait to return. Thank you, Krumville and The Country Inn! 

NEW Album Release May 11th!

If you've gone to any of my shows in the last 2 years, you will have heard the songs that are on my upcoming album, entitled, Me & A Steinway. I recorded it at The Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck about 2 years ago with producer, Paul Antonell. I wanted to make sure the sound quality was perfect so my dear friend, JD Sexton donated his time and talent in remixing and mastering the album. I could not have done it without him. He and I were both perfectionists and had so many delays along the way so it took a while but it is finally ready to be shared!

 Me & A Steinway is an acoustic album that  showcases my lyrics, my piano playing and my voice. I am so proud of this record because it is downright personal in every aspect of the word. It includes my favorite songs that most producers told me were not "radio quality" or "pop" enough. I didn't want this album to be "pop" or "cookie-cutter". I wanted it to be me without the confines of following a strict pop record formula. That's why it is called, "Me & A Steinway" it is just me, singing my heart out on a Steinway grand.  It was so much fun for me to record and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do!